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What is infinimesh

We believe smart and connected devices bring our society forward. Smart technology uses resources only when they are really necessary and thus prevents waste and guide the mankind towards a sustainable lifestyle. On the other hand, when really required, smart things act and hence prevent accidents or simply enable a great user experience. To bring you into the fantastic world of IoT we introduce the world’s first independent Open Source IoT and Industrial IoT Platform to unlock the potential of petabytes of IoT data from billions of devices - IoT has never been easier, more reliable and economical. infinimesh IoT runs everywhere, in your own Datacenter under your control, at any cloud provider, in our free SaaS offering or even on large servers - we only need Kubernetes. That makes infinmesh so powerful, we bring IoT to the data, everything on your own controlled systems. That means sustainability for your data, infrastructure and deliver unmatched data privacy for the interconnected world.
We have started infinimesh 100% Open Source, without patents or closed software. Any software components we have developed, and to this we commit going forward, will be open - forever. Founded by engineers who built the backbone of the European Energy Revolution, infinimesh aims to make industrial and individual IoT secure, available and affordable for all.
That's why infinimesh is the right Internet of Things Platform for your business!
  • infinimesh provides you with a state-of-the-art backbone for your entire IoT fleet:

 High Scalability:
    infinimesh can deal with millions of devices at high performance
 Military Grade Security:
    Your data is fully protected with RSA proven encryption technology
 Industry proven:
    Industry (OPC-UA) and Building Automation Protocols (BACnet) integrated
 Full transparency:
    Our code is Open Source, we work with the community to build the best stack available
 Highest Usability:
    Getting started with a few commands and very easy and at low-cost to operate

We have built infinimesh around two major pillars

asset management
Asset Management

infinimesh gives you quick and deep insights about all IoT assets managed - be they managed over gateways, edge devices or directly connected - never lose any information what your fleet is doing!
IoT and IIoT operation at scale require transparency and insights about and into the managed fleet. infinimesh has developed a graph-based organizing framework with real-time device statistics. Arrange your devices in an overview which reflects your organizational or project based set-up, manage which device belongs where, manage groups on different layers and define who has access as RBAC model. To make this fully secure, we provide granular access management up to device level. IoT operations have never been easier!

IoT Security
IoT Security

Building new IoT or IIoT products also needs to have manageable security mechanisms in place. Starting at the factory provisioning, knowing which device was built with the right certificate is mandatory for strategic implementations. Trust is the most important factor in a valuable IoT business chain. See what the infinimesh IoT Platform can provide and help to build up a trusted fleet of devices.
We use military-grade encryption standards to guarantee secure message transmission, even over uncertain and unstable WAN connectivity like LoRa, SigFox, WhiteNoise or Satellite. Our MQTT broker accepts only certificates which are known by the signed CA and make sure that not yet known, but trusted devices can send data into a dedicated secure queue - never lose any information during long rollout phases.

With Industry Features nobody else can deliver

Device Management
Device Management

Powerful but simple framework to visualize clusters of devices within your organization and set permissions up to device level

Device Shadow
Device Shadow

Real-time and two-way correspondence for every device in your fleet. Our highly-scalable backend can power millions of devices

Asset Monitoring
Asset Monitoring

Insightful statistics about your device fleet at your chosen level of abstractions. Detect problems quickly and at a glance

Timeseries Visualization
Timeseries Visualization

Great telemetry is based on timeseries. infinimesh has timeseries data capabilities built-in and enables meaningful monitoring

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning and AI

infinimesh has Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models built-in to rapidly detect anomalies and respond accordingly. We display incoming IoT data as meaningful dashbaords, based on ML techniques.

Virtual Twins
Virtual Twins

A virtual twin is the digital copy of your physical asset. infinimesh provides virtual twins which give you the possibility to modify your physical device without even touching it

Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

infinimesh has the unique capacity to run in different locations simultaneously. This makes complex and vulnerable installations a thing of the past and gives the freedom to build the future

Cloud Native
Cloud Native

infinimesh is Cloud Native Software - we leverage the most modern approach to make the setup, operation and relocation of a fleet or even a complete installation easy and reliable. This was never done before

Discover the potential

grid network

Grid & Infrastructure

Smart grids and intelligent infrastructure are the backbone of the upcoming energy transition. infinimesh makes your long-lasting assets smart without driving cost or complexity. Monitoring low-voltage grids, managing high-voltage transformators or performing complex switch scenarios - the platform excels equally driven by the team’s deep experience in utility and energy distribution companies. Remember, the founder have built the backbone of Europe’s Energy Revolution.

renewable Energy

Renewables & Energy

Operating renewable energy systems like Windmills, Solar Farms, Biomass or CHP assets generate large amount of telemetry data, which can establish new business models by combining with ML and AI technology to gain better insights to predict maintenance and optimizes profit. To handle that data needs a new operating and management model to make use of the generated data. infinimesh enables real data-driven business models and gives the confidence to manage large and costly assets in a cost-efficient and reliable way.

autonomous driving

Automotive & Industry

Connected and self-driving cars, advanced robots, autonomous drones, smart cities and interconnected railroads - infinimesh can power all of them. We solve the greatest challenge of this automated and interconnected world: reliable and secure connectivity. The upcoming communication revolution (5G, IIoT, NFRB) enables real-time (RTS) data-processing in complex networks. Built for low latency, data QoS and high data ingest, infinimesh is the work horse for everything you want to build.

oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Monitoring and storing telemetry data of large production lines spread over thousands of miles across a continent makes predictive maintenance, workers safety tracking and geological irregulation detection challenging. infinimesh enables fraction- and hassle-free data transmission even with disturbed data connection lines like LTE, 3G, LoRa or SigFox. Our system can handle time series even independently from transmission date, which enables a whole industry to become truly digitally driven.

Install and Setup

Installing infinimesh IoT takes you less than a minute. Maintenance and updates are managed by the Kubernetes Operator which saves valuable time in operations and maintenance. No matter if you are building smart products or leverage IoT devices to improve your processes, infinimesh integrates seamlessly into your software development landscape. Use either our managed cloud offering or install infinimesh in your own infrastructure. infinimesh runs everywhere, even without Kubernetes.

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